Using What You Know To Create a Revenue Stream

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Why haven’t I posted anything in three or so months? Well, I took a nice and longer than expected break which I spent at home in Zimbabwe with my family. The vacation also meant giving blogging a break so that I could really put in some good R & R. Even if I did want to do a bit of stuff online, that would have been a little frustrating due to connection speeds over there.

Anyway, when I was over there, I came across a guy who was heavily into computers. One thing that he was getting more and more interested in and wanted to get into was blogging. The one thing that he was not too happy about was the lack of ‘African’ themes. He went on about how if he was going to blog he wanted his site to have an African look and feel to it. I did a quick search online myself and saw that there really weren’t that many African themed themes out there (I could only find one).

Something else about this guy that got me wondering was that he had the know how on how to create themes. I quizzed him on why he didn’t just go ahead and create themes for platforms like WordPress and Blogger. He really didn’t have an answer as to why he had not thought about it and done so already. That right there is a good example of someone not using their knowledge and skills to their full potential.

Internet penetration rates are on the rise in Africa and my guess is it will lead to an increase in the number of bloggers on the continent. Chances are, there will be a number who want to be identified as being African or having a connection to Africa and would want a theme that shows just that. With that in mind I gave him the idea of coming up with some templates which he can distribute for free and eventually get to the point where he has premium themes for sale. Who knows, he could end up like the likes of WooThemes, only difference being he would be exclusively creating African themed themes.

That there was just something that came to mind during the short conversation I had with this guy and something that could turn into a potential money maker. By the sounds of it, this is something that should be a no-brainer since he already has the technical skills. Of course, it is something that won’t happen overnight and he will have to come up with a plan and put a bit of work into it but it is something that is not impossible. I don’t know what you guys think about it but I see it as a good idea especially seeing as he is using skills he already has.

What you should do right now is take a bit of time out and think about what skills you have and how you can use them to create a revenue stream.


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  1. Negotiation Skills November 24, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    This is a really good idea, did it go ahead? How many themes has he created? If the idea is to give them for free first of all maby he should have a joining fee to make moeny from the start! Great idea though

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