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Webuy, a New Zealand based online auction site has been up and running for just over two years. It works along the same lines as any other auction site but it is not as big and as well established as what I would say is New Zealand’s online auction giant, TradeMe. One big difference though is their ‘shares’ system hence their ‘owned by you’ slogan. Shares are offered to members for completing various activities such as signing up, buying items and referring new users. They really aren’t worth anything at the moment but they are hoping that sometime in the future they will have some real value.

Listing items on Webuy is a lot cheaper than listing on a site such as TradeMe and their success fees are less than half of what TradeMe charges. Given the comparison, your items may get less exposure on Webuy but it doesn’t hurt giving them a try given that it would cost you much less if you make a successful sale.

At the moment, they are rewarding members with a $2 payment per activated referral. Amounts under $10 are credited to Webuy accounts for site usage and anything above that will be transferred to the member’s bank account. This offer ends on the 16th of January (note: this only applies to New Zealand signups only).

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