What I Did To Win a Prize

I WON $50!!!The contest over at Winning the Web is over and I was fortunate enough to be won of the people who one a prize. I managed to snag $50 which was kindly sponsored by Christoph from Web Hosting Resource Kit.

I was having a think about the number of contests that are around and I’m sure you will agree with me that there are a lot of contests going on in the blogosphere. You could literally spend hours and hours entering them with little time left for anything else in life. I don’t enter any old contest that I come across. I look at what is up for grabs and whether or not it would be worth it. In the case of the one where I just won a prize it was worth it and the odds of winning something were good with all that was up for grabs.

Why am I even bothering to mention all of this? Well, it pays to have a think about entering a contest and having some sort of strategy in place to increase your chances of winning. Gyutae has won a number of significant prizes and knows how to put the odds in his favour. This is the second time I have won something on Winning the Web and the second time around I increased my chances of winning by reading and implementing some of the tips in Gyutae’s post – 7 Easy Steps to Winning a Blog Contest – It’s Not Just About Pure Luck. Take a look at it before entering a contest and increase your chances of WINNING.

2 Responses to What I Did To Win a Prize

  1. Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda. April 8, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    Congartulations on winning this contest. Cheers!!!

    I am now in Japan.The Japanese people are so nice to me. I am learning their language little by little.

  2. Gerri April 8, 2008 at 9:07 pm #

    Hi Clement,

    Thanks for that.

    Its good to see that you got to Japan safe and sound and that everything is going okay so far.

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