WooThemes and the WordPress 3.0 Upgrade

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Over the weekend I decided to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. With this update apparently being a significant one with a few changes and new features, I was a bit hesitant about going ahead with the upgrade. What brought about the hesitation was the number of stories out there about people who have gone and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress only to end up with a ‘broken’ site that has taken them hours and hours to fix. Another reason why I was a bit hesitant was that I was not running the latest version of Fresh News by WooThemes either which meant that I had two big things to worry about.

One thing that put me at ease was a tweet from WooThemes team stating the following:

For those who missed it earlier, all our themes are WP 3.0 compatible and you can upgrade WP with peace of mind. : )

After reading that, I went ahead and downloaded the latest version of Fresh News and upload it to my site. That out of the way, I then moved on to do everything that WordPress tells you to do when upgrading. I no time at all, I was up and running on WordPress 3.0 using Fresh News 2.4.0. The whole process was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I attribute that to WordPress and WooThemes designing their products in such as way that makes them very user friendly.

So why am I even going on about this? Well, if you are a blogger or thinking about blogging, it pays to have a premium theme whose designers keep up to date with WordPress. WooThemes makes sure that their themes are compatible with the latest version so that all you need to worry about is blogging! Another very big advantage is having access to support facilities which include, theme documentation, forum facilities, knowledge-base and tutorials which come in handy. If you are thinking about getting your hands on a premium theme, WooThemes is a good way to go.

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