A Beginners Guide To Email Marketing by VerticalResponse

I am looking at starting up a newsletter for one of my sites which means going out and doing a bit of research to see who would provide me with the best solution for my needs. There are a number of email marketing solutions out there to choose from and they include AWeber, Constant Contact and VerticalResponse just to name a few. For some reason though, AWeber seems to be the one of choice for most of the bloggers whose newsletters I am signed up to.

Anyway, whilst looking around for a suitable provider I came across this webinar by VerticalResponse that I thought some of you may find interesting and useful especially if you are thinking about getting into email marketing.

I haven’t decided on who I am going to use yet but the nice thing about the ones mentioned in this post is that they all offer free trials so I might give all of them a try to see who will work best for me.

I hope you enjoy the webinar.

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  1. email archiving October 23, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    While we are writing about A Beginners Guide To Email Marketing – VerticalResponse Email 101 | Ninety Nine Ways, The next step will be to create a database to help you to store your subscriber’s data, process subscription requests and email your subscribers. Quality applications will process the data from your form, process your subscription requests, store your subscribers details in a database and allow you to send tailored email messages.

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