A U.S. Shipping Address for New Zealanders

BuyUSA - Get your own U.S. delivery address when in New ZealandSo many businesses and individuals in New Zealand have come across great U.S. based websites that sell items perfect for their needs or just that something that they have to have. From my own personal experience, my heart has started racing from all the excitement when adding items to the shopping cart and proceeded to checkout only to receive a killer blow when reading a message that goes along the lines of: X-Shop only ships orders within the 50 states, APO / FPO military addresses as well as major offshore territories and protectorates of the United States. All I could do then was just stare at the screen and wish for what could have been.

That is all a thing of the past as BuyUSA has come to the rescue. They provide Kiwis with their own street address in the United States which allows them to shop online at sites that only ship within the U.S. Their service seems pretty simple and easy to use. When you set up an account with BuyUSA you are provided with a unique delivery address for your use. BuyUSA receives the package(s) at their U.S. logistics facility where members have a virtual Box Number in which BuyUSA enters the details of any packages received. From this point, customers can choose to ship their item(s) straight away or they can hold the item(s) in storage and combine them with later purchases as one international shipment. When the shipment arrives in New Zealand they perform all the necessary customs clearances and deliver the shipment via courier. A bonus with their service is that you save on shipping charges as they consolidate shipments together with other BuyUSA customers shipments when they air freight them to New Zealand.

If you are someone who sells products in a store or on online auction sites such as ebay or one of the local ones such as Trade Me, BuyUSA will go down a treat with you as more supplier options become available to you. There is a $19.95 annual subscription fee to use BuyUSA which is nothing when you look to all the savings you will make.

BuyUSA is not just good for business as it will work well for individuals who want to get purchase stuff from the U.S. So stop by their site, see what they have to offer and maybe even get your hands on those things that you couldn’t get before.

A U.S. delivery address for Kiwis

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  1. tom February 15, 2008 at 1:28 pm #

    Wow. Are you serious? I’ve had countless “offshore” folks asking about AMSOIL only to tell them the company only ships to North America. This I will check out post haste! Thanks…

    Tom @ Onequartlow.com

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