Do You Question Declined Applications?

Your Application Has Been Declined!In the middle of last year I applied for Chitika eMiniMalls and the application was declined very quickly. I thought to myself that I would apply again after my blog had been up and running for while. At the beginning of the week I went through the process of reapplying and when I hit the submit button after entering all my information I was taken to a screen that told me my application had been declined right there and then. The message also included a note stating that their system had detected that I had put in a previous application that was declined.

When I put in the first application thought it might have been declined because the blog was still pretty new and not pulling in that much traffic and the likes. When I reapplied and got declined I started wondering why? I thought this was a bit odd because I have seen a number of blogs which in my opinion are of a less or similar caliber to mine displaying eMiniMalls. I got in touch with customer support stating just that and a couple of other things because I really wanted to know why my application was turned down.

When I checked my mail this morning I had received the following from them:

Get Chitika PremiumHi Gerald,

I asked our applications department to take another look at your application, and you were approved! You’ll be sent an email with your user information, as well as some tips to get you started.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Welcome to Chitika! 🙂

I was happy about my application being approved but I would have liked a bit more information as to why it was declined at first. There have been instances where I have gotten in touch with customer support of other services to ask why my application was declined that have not ended up with it being approved but they have provided me with a nice and detailed explanation as to why it was declined. I found the information helpful because it provided me with a few things I could do to make my blog better.

What I have gotten from these experiences is that if you apply for a program of some sort and your application is denied, it could pay to get in touch with whoever it is to either layout out your case for reconsideration if you think it should not have been declined or to just get a reason as to why it was declined. It may just work out for you that you application is approved. What I am getting at with all of this is that enquiring about a declined application could work in your favour in that it may be approved after reconsideration or you may be provided with VALUABLE feedback to make your site even better.

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  1. Clement Nthambazale Nyirenda. March 23, 2008 at 3:45 am #

    Gerri, this is a great tip! In most cases, these systems are automated.As a result, they might have one or two problems. Therefore it is always important to make sure that you talk to the person behind the system in order to get the final say.

    Clement Nyirenda’s blog world

  2. Gerri March 26, 2008 at 1:12 am #

    Clement, you have made a very good point there about most of these systems being automated. With machines being machines there is chance of a problem occurring here and there as you stated which may then result in a declined application from someone who for all they know could have been a star performer. Person to person contact is still the best form of communication.

  3. James Bean September 8, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    I was also not lucky at first. My applications were declined several times. But as I wrote better articles and do all suggestions they requested, it could finally get through.

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