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For an alternative marketplace, CLICK HERE. is a new marketplace that was started up especially for bloggers. The site has 17 categories through which you can carry out activities such as auctioning advertising space, selling domain names, selling blogs, listing sponsored review opportunities and even an ‘other’ section which at the time of publishing this post has entrecard credits on auction.

It is very easy to navigate around the site and if you are used to online auction sites such as eBay! you won’t have a problem using Even if you aren’t conversant with online auction sites you shouldn’t have a problem finding your way around and using the site.

I like the whole idea because amongst other things you could get advertising spots on high traffic blogs for a fraction of the price that you would normally pay if you were to go directly through the blog owners. Some people have managed to snap up a whole month of advertising for between $1 and $5.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for they also have a ‘wanted ads’ section. Within this section you can submit whatever it is you are looking for within the various categories and sit back and wait for a seller to respond to your listing.

There are fees associated with using the site but they are currently have a $25 sign up bonus which goes toward any fees and for each person you refer you earn $5. If you play your cards right you could be in a situation where you will never have to pay for fees. could take your blog(s) to new levels without costing you a fortune. Does this sound like a good idea or what? Go ahead and register and see for yourself just what it could do for you – don’t forget to mention my username – Gerri.


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