How to get that sale item when it’s sold out in-store

Yesterday, Farmers Department Stores had one of their frequent one day sales but this one saw 50% being slashed off the price of nursery items. With a new baby in the house, one thing that we were looking to get our hands on was a baby rocker. With 50% off one of the many baby accessories that you can’t help but buy, it was a sale that we couldn’t pass up on.

Over the last two to three weeks, we had been looking around for something practical, reasonable priced and one that we could get prolonged use out of. More often than not, babies quickly outgrow the bits and bobs that we buy for them and with this being our second child, we were more mindful of that and didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily. That said, we settled on a Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Rocker because it had all the features we wanted and would provide us with the kind of and range of use we were looking for.

With all of that in toe, I left work a little early so that I could get to Farmers at a reasonable time which happened to be late afternoon. But, by the time we got there, there was a hoard of people trying to get their hands on the sale items. We were met with disappointment by the time we got to what we intended on getting. The rocker we wanted was sold out and there were only a couple of other brands of rockers available. There were also a number of other disappointed shoppers who were hassling the sales associates to check if there was anything else available out the back of the store.

Some conceded defeat and just went with what was still available even though it wasn’t really what they wanted and in some instances more expensive. An option that was presented by the sales associate was to go to another Farmers branch which really wasn’t an option as we would more than likely have been met with the same chaos. Next thing I noticed was my wife whipping out her iPhone and navigating to the Farmers website and low and behold, the baby rocker that we wanted was on sale and available online and she didn’t waste any time in completing the purchase.

We managed to get our hands on the rocker at 50% plus $7 shipping which was insignificant considering not only the saving that we made but getting our hands on exactly what we wanted and not having to settle on something else or walking out of the store empty handed.

What made it possible to get an item that was sold out in-store was taking a moment to think about how else to get it. Going online onto whatever retailers store you are in at that particular time is something you don’t see people doing too often but as you can see from the experience above, it is something to try out if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Bar the small cost of shipping and handling and waiting for delivery, it may be a viable option that will still see you saving a decent amount of money.


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