Where Kiwis Can Learn To YouTube Like a Pro?

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and in this day in age, for some it comes in the form of becoming a YouTube sensation. Getting to that point can sometimes be by mistake and sometimes by design. Whatever the case may be as to how sensations are born, there are those who have managed to tap into the fame and use it to either generate additional income and in the case of a handful, it becomes a career.

About two weeks ago a Kiwi YouTuber, Andrew Strugnell was featured on 3 News and one thing that stood out was the mention of him being picked as YouTube’s man on the ground in NZ and tasked with showing Kiwis how to YouTube like a pro. To get to this point, Andrew and a couple of other people travelled to Sydney to take part in the YouTube certification program which pretty much gives them bragging rights as YouTube experts who know what it takes to make a channel successful.

After successfully completing the program they started NZOffAir which highlights Kiwis sharing good content on YouTube which is fantastic! One thing that the channel and their other social profiles don’t do a lot of is teaching people how to be successful on the social platform.

But depending on how you look at things, you could say that them featuring what others in the NZ YouTube community are creating is a form of educating. By looking at what other people are doing and drawing a thing or two from them and implementing it into your own videos could lead to success on the platform.

If you find what they are doing a little light on recourses to making a channel successful, you can as a first port of call turn to the YouTube Creator Hub which has a wealth of knowledge on content creation, engagement, building an audience and how to make money and making a career of it.

The internet also has a wealth of resources on how to become successful on YouTube. These include posts such YouTube Success: How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel on Social Media Examiner (an authority on all things social) who interviews a person who is successful on YouTube. You could also chose to take it even further and enrol in a course on how to become successful which is run by someone who is doing well on the platform. One example is, Become A Successful YouTuber. The thing is, to find something legitimate and most of all, something that resonates with you.

Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it something that is YOU!

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