Meformation In The World of Social Media

I’m a person who believes that we learn something new every day. A little while ago, my lesson for the day was learning a new word;


In a nutshell, meformation can be defined as “me” content, where almost all the content you share across your social networks is about you.

I’ve been thinking about that word for quite a few days and its implications as far as ‘life’ and ‘social media’ goes. My observations of human interactions are that those who tend to focus on themselves and make just about everything about themselves tend to be the ones that irritate people more than those who don’t make it about them.

With social media being an extension of expression, the above would also more than likely hold true. People follow other people, a business or a brand because of the information that they share. My take on meformation as far as social media goes is that, yes, updates about ‘you’ are okay but too much of me, me, me! (or you, you, you!) could be putting off and lead your followers and fans to not bother with or about you.

My sentiments were confirmed by Guy Kawasaki during the Air New Zealand Social Media Breakfast who shared some tips with one of them being RESTRAIN YOURSELF. By this he meant that social media promotion should be a 1:20 ratio where you need to provide useful information and content in order to promote yourself.

If you don’t have a social media strategy in place, your content mix is something that you should take into consideration and experiment with to find out what works best for you.

As it stands, are you more of a “meformer” or “informer”?


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