Need Funding For Your eBay Business?

eBay recently posted higher than expected third quarter profits which is a good thing for them but also a good thing for sellers. I saw it as a sign that more stuff is being sold on eBay and figures show that this was the case. Being a seller myself I experienced a slump in sales when the little global crisis hit and almost gave it up altogether. Over time eBay has been trying to lure sellers back by lowering or getting rid of listings fees now and then. Them taking that stance helped in getting me back onto the marketplace.

logoBecause of the recession, some people have found it harder to get back into selling because of not having capital to get inventory and so on. One solution provider that caters specifically to eBay marketplace sellers is Kabbage. They provide funding to kick-start and help your business grow. They have a quick and simple application process where on approval, funds are deposited into your PayPal account (you can Sign Up Here if you don’t have an account).

The process of getting a loan through them is pretty simple with you only having to go through the following steps:

  • provide them with your eBay seller ID to see if you qualify
  • complete an application form
  • accept the terms and conditions (if they are to your liking)

The money is deposited into your account soon after and you can get going with growing your business. As with any other financial institution you get an advance from, Kabbage charges fees with theirs being a flat rate per $100 (rates information can be found in the borrower agreement). Repayments are made by auto pay from either your PayPal or checking account or you could chose to pay directly on their website or via cheque.

For some of you out there, this may work out as your best option when looking for funding to get your business back on track. At the moment they are only available in the United States but they will expand to other countries in the future.

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