Primer marketing lessons for New Zealand startups

There are a lot of people out there who have really good ideas that the world could benefit from. Only a few of those many go out and do something about making their ideas a reality. We now live in a world full of start ups consisting of a range of online and offline products and services. Some go on to become quite successful and many fail to get themselves off the ground at all.

One key component for success is being able to market the idea, product or service and getting people to know about it and buy into it. Start ups usually consist of a couple of people or a small group who are the brains behind it. But, being the brains behind the idea may not translate into having marketing know how.

More often than not, startups are usually on a tight budget and depending on how well they spend their money, certain areas of the project may suffer and that may unfortunately be marketing.

But, Google has come up with Primer! In a nutshell, this app aims to teach those who are new to the world of marketing how to promote their business. It aims to achieve this goal by providing quick lessons with the use of case studies to help you along the way.

Yes, it says that the lessons take 5 minutes or less but marketing takes a bit longer than that. At the end of each lesson, Primer give users the option to get ‘fully primed’, which means receiving an email that contains a quick recap of the lesson followed by actions. These 20 minute actions which may take longer than 20 minutes are geared towards getting users to look at and build on their own startup.

First impressions are that it is something that would come in very useful for those who have little to no marketing knowledge. It outlines the basis of content marketing and then prompts users to apply the principles to their own situation. Even if you are going to get an agency to do the marketing for you, it pays to have some knowledge of the process and thus have a better idea of what you are paying for.

Download the app today and give it a go:

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