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Monetize Your Site Search with PredictAd

PredictAd is a plugin that adds a search box to your site that you can monetize with non-intrusive contextual advertisements that appear at the bottom of a selection of refined search suggestions in a dropdown box. Signing up to their service is pretty simple but you then have to put in another application within your […]

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Your Chance to Win $410 in Free Advertising

If you are out to make money online blogging, an increase in traffic will most likely lead to an increase in revenue. There are a number of methods you can employ to get more traffic to your site and one of them is advertising. You do have to get out there and get known and […]

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Sell Your Advertising Space

One the more popular ways of monetising a blog is by selling advertising space and some people have found this method to be very lucrative and easy to implement. Some sites have dead space or affiliate banners that are not pulling in any revenue. That space could be could be put to good use by […]

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Focial.com – A Bloggers Marketplace

NOTE: FOCIAL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. For an alternative marketplace, CLICK HERE. Focial.com is a new marketplace that was started up especially for bloggers. The site has 17 categories through which you can carry out activities such as auctioning advertising space, selling domain names, selling blogs, listing sponsored review opportunities and even an ‘other’ section which […]

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This is a relatively new way of monetising your site. WidgetBucks have rich media ad widgets that display ads from various merchants. You earn money each time someone clicks on the ad widgets. You can choose to have the widgets on your site displaying ads from certain product groups or you can choose the MerchSense […]

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Kontera is Gone

It has been about 135 days since I put Kontera ContentLink™ in-text ads on my blog. Within this time period I have been comparing the revenue generated from it to Adsense. Over the first half of the trial period earnings between the two were just about on par with Adsense coming out on top. Since […]

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Sign up for AuctionAds Today and get $25

Have you signed up to AuctionAds? If you haven’t already done so, now might be a good time to. They are giving new sign ups a free $25.00 credit. Besides you getting $25 it means that you will reach the minimum earnings payout that much quicker. In a previous post Earn Extra Cash Running eBay […]

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