Make Money With Your Videos

There are so many video viewing sites on the net with one of the most well known one probably being YouTube. There have been reports flying around of late about being able to monetize your site with YouTube players with Adsense units in them. I have not yet seen any of these. There are other ways of making money with your videos online. Here are three that are worth taking a look at with Metacafe being my personal favourite.

This is a how to video site where experts post how to and instructional videos. As an Expert Village filmmaker you create how-to videos in a field you are an expert in. From the looks of things it can be on just about anything. There is even a video on how to tie a scarf. Their site states that you can make an average of US$300 per assignment.

Metacafe is a video site where you can upload just about anything. It has a program, Producer Rewards where you are paid US$5 for every 1,000 views your video gets. Payments start after your video reaches 20,000 views and has a rating of 3.00 or higher (out of a possible 5). Metacafe’s top earner Kipkay has so far netted himself $65,113.

This video platform works on a really simple concept. You upload your video which is then paired with a targeted advertisement. You can then share your video across the web and the more people that see it the more you make. Ad revenue generated is spilt 50/50 with you and Revver. What’s great about it too is that even if you share a video that is not yours, you get 20% of the ad revenue.

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